chocolate spreads


We craft traditional jams and chocolate spreads

Family-owned ’Rabeko Products’ was founded in 1997. Our goal when we started was to craft artisanal jams. By now, almost 20 years later, we produce 14 different varieties of jam sweetened with sugar, 8 without sugar and 6 Extra Light jams with very low carbohydrate contents (4.9 kcal per 100g). All of our sugar-free jams and the Extra Light jams are sweetened with natural sweeteners.  The varieties made with sugar include special, highly sought-after varieties such as Kiwi, Strawberry Rhubarb and even Forest Fruits jam. Try our Forest Fruits jam mixed into your home-made barbecue sauce – a delicious addition. The jams made without sugar are all suitable for diabetics

Shortly after the establishment of ‘Rabeko Products’, we added ‘Choco Light’ to our assortment of artisanal jams. Our Choco Light recipe starts with low-fat cream cheese, and it remains spreadable even when used straight out of the refrigerator.  There are 3 Choco Light varieties: with sugar, sugar-free and a hazelnut variety.Coconut oil we have also recently and Zero Calories syrups and sauces. These sauces and syrups have no sugars and fats. We have 9 flavors (strawberry, chocolate, pancake, caramel, sweet mayo, ketchup, sweet and sour and bbq steak sauce)

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